Glowyland mini golf

Caution, this is not a game… but an adventure like no other !

Welcome to Glowyland !

GlowyLand is an intergenerational concept which will delight young and old.

This family adventure will ensure you incomparable visibility and attract a large audience to your recreation facility.

It is a plunge into a miniature golf course with surprising, fluorescent scenery.

Depending on your needs, your wishes, and the desired scenery, our teams build your miniature golf course from A to Z in our workshops and share in jazzing up your recreation facility. 

This involves the design of your course, the brainstorming and realisation of 2D and 3D fluorescent scenery as well as the installation of your new activity.

We offer you customised service in line with your expectations, your audience, and your game space. 

Glowyland mini golf MI-12


Offer your clients a family adventure which will delight the young as well as their parents and grandparents.


We brainstorm and create your project in its entirety.


No matter the size of your hall, the desired scenery, or even your needs, we adapt to your wishes in order to provide you a customised activity in line with your audience.


• Surface area : from 300m²
• Age : from 5 to 99 years


• Sessions/month : from 1200 to 3000
• Recommended price/game : €8/45min.


• Customisable themes
• Intergenerational
Fluorescent 3D scenery
• Low maintenance required
• High accommodation capacity
• Fun and different concept
• Fluorescent wall compositions

Glowyland photos


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