Laser game MI-12

MI12 Laser Game Concept

Immerse yourself in an imaginary war and lead your team to victory !

Laser Game Premise

The premise of the Laser Game is simple: players are placed in a maze plunged into darkness and illuminated by Black Light. In this maze, numerous 3D scenery and figures react and become fluorescent courtesy of the black light. The players are thus instantly immersed in the game environment.

Whether a team or an individual, the aim of the game is to score the most points by hitting opponents or targeting smart mines installed on the course. Avoiding being hit saves a high number of points.

A Laser Game facility attracts young and old. No matter their age, everyone who enters a Laser Game goes there to have fun. It is therefore essential to provide a quality maze with multiple surprises: landings at different heights, loopholes, interactive elements, etc.

At MI12, we are present throughout the creation of your Laser Game. We design the course layouts, imagine customised 3D scenery, create the fluorescent 2Dscenery. We also handle the assembly of your maze, installation of the electronic equipment, as well as installation of the software managing the Laser Game games.

Laser game réalisation


• The course layouts
• Customised 3D scenery
Fluorescent 2D scenery
• Assembly of the course
• Installation of electronic equipment
• Software installation

Dual technology

We are the only ones to offer dual technology: infra-red and laser.

This means players do not have to wear a vest


• Ease of movement
• No more hygiene issues
• Faster installation
• Enhanced reliability

Technical data

• Surface area : from 300m²
• Age : 7 years and older

Some figures

• Sessions/month: from 1500 to 3500
• Recommend price/game*: €10/20min.

*The operator is free to define their prices according to their commercial criteria


• Customisable themes
• Intergenerational
• Exclusive rifles (p90)                      infra-red and laser
3D fluorescent relief scenery
• No need for vests
• Low maintenance
• Assembly assistance

To know

We rely on reliable equipment designed for heavy use. Our installations are thus designed to last over time and require low maintenance. We provide operators of Laser Game facilities with an online spare parts catalogue. This guarantees you greater autonomy. However our teams remain at your disposal in case of technical problems.

Our Laser Game creations

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