Laser kart

Laser Kart is an interactive game which combines the fun of go-karting with a Laser Game.

Laser Kart

Laser Kart is an interactive game which combines the fun of go-karting with the Laser Game.  

You control your kart and chase your opponents through a black light course.  

With your dexterity, you can win bonus points for speed, power, attack, and protection by passing gobos.  

The installation of a Laser Kart facility is an affordable and profitable solution.  

Treat yourself to an extraordinary new activity that will ensure you profitability and a high return on investment. 

In our workshops, we design your Laser Kart from A to Z and share in jazzing up your recreation facility.  

We offer you a customised service in line with your expectations, your audience, and your game space. 

For this one-of-a-kind concept, we create the karts ourselves in our workshops.

So don’t wait any longer and treat yourself to this world exclusive game.

Laser kart réalisation


Affordable and profitable, this new activity will draw a large audience to your recreation facility.


We brainstorm, model, design, and build your Laser Kart project.


This new game is currently available in very few facilities. Offer something new and extraordinary and revitalise your operation.


• Surface area : from 450m²
• Age : from 7 to 99 years


• Sessions/month: from 1500 to 3500
• Recommend price/game*: €20/20min.

*The operator is free to define their prices according to their commercial criteria


• Unique &  innovative concept
• Customisable theme
• Intergenerational
Fluorescent 3D scenery
• Complete design in our workshops
• Replaceable lithium battery

To know

We rely on reliable equipment designed for heavy use. Our installations are thus designed to last over time and require low maintenance. We provide operators of Laser Game facilities with an online spare parts catalogue. This guarantees you greater autonomy. However our teams remain at your disposal in case of technical problems.

Our Laser Kart creations


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