Our creation steps

MI-12 conception 3D modelisation
MI-12 conception 3D

Step 1 : 3D design

We design your 3D project in a program.

Starting with the layout of your future maze to the modelling of your scenery.

Step 2 : Weapon design

We are committed to offering unique weapons. This is why we distribute, in our partner facilities, the FN P90, a replica of the weapon designed by the FN Herstal.
Our material is designed to be long-lasting and for intensive use.

MI-12 creation armes modelisation
MI-12 creation armes
MI-12 creation decors 3D modelisation
mi-12 creation decors 3D fluos

Step 3 : 3D scenery design

Our teams create 3D scenery which will decorate your maze: Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, vehicles and equipment such as the AT Walker, etc.
We enjoy the Star Wars universe but can develop completely different 3D objects according to your needs.



Step 4 : 2D scenery design

We want to support you down to the smallest detail.
This in particular involves making your 2D scenery: fluorescent paint, ornaments, etc.

MI-12 creation decors 2D conception
MI-12 creation decors 2D
MI-12 assitance au montage
MI-12 assitance au montage

Step 5 : Assembly assistance

Once the project has been completed, we assist you in assembling the maze.
We help you place the various ramps and partitions on the basis of a layout drawn up by us.


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